Luis Estevez

Hi! I'm a New graduate from Western Governors University with 2 years of experience as a Software Engineer. I've worked with a variety of technologies ranging from Frontend development using React, NextJS, and MapBox to Backend development using Go, and PostGIS.

In my free time, I like to work on my car, Juniper.

In this blog, I will share any knowledge and/or opinion I have on any topic. I invite you to have civil discussions with me, and if you would like my undivided attention feel free to schedule 1-on-1 meeting via Calendly.


NYC Bus Tracker

Web Application for tracking upcoming New York City buses in real-time.

Tech Stack: React, NextJS, MapBox, TurfJS

NYC Bus Tracker

Refined Saved Replies | Open Source Contributor

A Chrome extension for GitHub's Saved Replies that adds replies from a repository's .github/replies.yml.

Tech Stack: TypeScript, GitHub Rest API, Browser Extension API, Manifest v3

Chrome Extension
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